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Manufacturers, Research, and Top Level Producers
     Some of these manufacturers and producers will sell direct in near retail quantities. Please contact them for more information.
     Please also see the Distributors and Shopping categories.

Aliments Trigone
     Canada - Specialities include hemp, black and green buckwheat, spelt, kamut and fresh garlic. Supplies hemp seed in both conventional and organic in bulk and a wide range of sizes.

Oil Seed Extractions Ltd.
     New Zealand - Producer of cold pressed Flaxseed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, and Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil.

AgFiber Technology
     USA - Farm-based company, specializing in the dissemination of technologies concerning the industrial utilization of agricultural fibers, new production techniques alternative crops and marketing strategies. The site includes a large industrial agricultural fiber directory and up to date fiber news.

BioHemp Technologies Ltd.
     Canada - North America's leading supplier of industrial grade hemp seed oil. Also offers zero VOC hemp oil wood finishes and lubricants including Wolbaum's Wood Finish.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
     USA - Dr. Bronner's official web site. The liquid and bar soaps now contain hemp oil in their formulas. You can also download Adobe Acrobat files of their product labels to read The Moral ABC. Go to our .pdf downloads page and scroll down to the bottom to "Dr. Bronner's Soap Labels."

Canadian Hemp Corporation - North American Hemp, Inc.
     Canada - Manufacturer of hemp oil, hulled hemp seeds, hemp cake, and sterilized hemp seeds. Also sells the O'Mega Hemp Bar in both Chocolate and Veggie flavors.

Canvas Emporium
     India - Canvas fabric for industrial applications. Fine woven textile fabric for home furnishing and consumer products, from hemp and hemp based fiber blends. Also, tents, tarpaulins, bags, and cover cloth.

     Chi Hemp Industries Incorporated is dedicated to producing organic and conventional hemp oil, hemp seed, and other hemp seed related products. They offer a complete line of hemp seed derivatives and have a secure order system on their web site. Please visit them for direct from the farmer pricing on all the hemp products you might need.

Crane Paper Company
     USA - Continuum Tree-Free Papers in both hemp and kenaf - 50% hemp / 50% cotton rag and 50% kenaf / 50% cotton rag.

Dong Ping Hemp Textile
     USA - Sales arm of Chinese manufacturers of fabrics for fashion and furnishing, from hemp and hemp rich blends. Also, yarns.

     China - A leading manufacturer for essential fatty acids oils such as borage oil, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, and perilla seed oil.

Ecosource Paper Inc.
     Canada - Ink jet Laser Printing Cover Hemp Paper - Ecosource has been promoting, marketing and distributing its exclusive 100% tree free virgin fiber paper, made 40% Hemp, 40% Flax, 20% Cotton, for 7 years. We are the only company in North America by carrying the largest variety in thicknesses and colours (White, Natural, Yellow, Peach and teal green).
     We can offer the best quality and the most environmentally friendly paper today. - ECO-21 Natural oxygen bleached. Our excellent cover stock and the exciting packages for retail stores: sketch books, perforated business cards, lined paper, pads, envelopes in 4 different sizes and more are real features.

     Canadian company that specializes in the manufacturing of rolled erosion control products (RECP) made from natural fibres. Their product line includes wheat straw fibres and industrial hemp fibres. They the only manufacturer in North America that offers RECPs made from one of the world's strongest fibres - industrial hemp. Blankets made from coconut fibre, jute or flax can also be made available upon request. Custom width blankets available in widths from 4 ft to 16 ft.

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe
     USA - Home of Hand-Crafted Old-World Rustic Breads. Be sure to look for their Healthy Hemp Sprouted Bread in your favorite store.

     France - Growers and processors of hemp and its fiber for industrial applications.

The Golden Textile Co., Ltd.
     China - Products include: yarn, fabric, custom fabric, knitted clothing, and woven garments. Online hemp fabric catalog and sample photos.

Guelph Food Technology Centre
     Canada - With our Hemp Licence, we can:
         Process viable and non-viable grain for oil production purposes
         Render hemp grain non-viable by steam sterilization
         Produce hemp derivatives and end products including protein concentrates and isolates
     Market assessment & technical feasibility
     Ingredient sourcing (e.g. organic, novelty, industrial)
     Formula and process development
     Sensory evaluation
     Pilot plant scale-up
     Co-packer sourcing
     Shelf-life studies
     Definition of quality control parameters
     Regulations and label review
     Production of consumer-test quantities
     Reviews of current technology

     Hungary - Produces industrial hemp textiles and ready made products.

The Hemp Tree - Hemp Tea Bags
     USA - Makers of the Hempty, Reusable Hemp Tea Bag. Handmade in America.

Hemp Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
     Conceived to explore the commercial production of Hemp in Thailand. They have spent more than a year patiently lobbying the concerned government authorities to relax the laws against Hemp propagation. Their efforts have been rewarded. They are getting permission from government authorities (FDA & DEA) to promote Hemp cultivation by Hilltribe people under a research and development program.
     All Hemp strains, currently being grown by Hilltribe people, will be collected in order to analyze their THC (the intoxicating element) content. The analysis is aimed at finding the best Hemp strain with the lowest THC content but highest fiber yield. Once identified, the strain will be further developed into new strains which meet the 0.3 % international standard for certified THC content and are suitable for the climate of Thailand and other Tropical countries.
     The research team is a collaboration of experts assigned from the staff of three of the most famous Thai universities, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol Medical University and Chiangmai University. The team will be under the supervision of the Food & Drug Authority of Thailand (FDA), Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) and Field Crop Research Institute of the Agriculture Ministry.

Hempline Inc.
     Canada - North America's top producer and processor of premium-quality hemp fibre for textiles and animal bedding. Products include: Textiles, paper, HempChips® horse bedding, and non-wovens.

Hemp Natural Fabrics Group GmbH
     Germany - Their products include a full line of pure hemp fabrics and blends, weaving yarn, sliver, and tow. Also provides services such as finishing and dyeing. Information on fiber hemp, processing, and benefits. Hemp Natural Fabrics - USA is located in San Leandro, California.

Hemp Oil Canada, Inc.™
     Canada - Dedicated to the procurement, processing, marketing & distribution of bulk hemp food products including hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed, roasted & sterilized hemp seed and seed cake products to local, national & international markets. Hemp food...is good food!™ Hemp Oil Canada Inc. - HOCI (pr. Hockey. Good Canadian name, eh?!)
     A very well done site with a nice range of products. Hemp Seed Oil, Hulled Hemp Seed, Roasted Hemp Seed, Sterilized Hemp Seed, Hemp Hulls and Seed Cake are available in wholesale quantities. Custom processing and packaging are available on request.
     They are in the process of setting up for packaging in retail quantities. Prompt email replies, a pleasure to do business with.

Hempola Valley Farms
     Canada - Hempola Valley Farms manufactures and sells various hemp products made from hemp seeds. Some of the products are hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp foods and hemp insect repellent.

Hemp Textiles International, Inc
     USA - Industrial development, manufacture and marketing of hemp textile fabrics, spinning fiber, knitting and weaving yarns under the Cantiva brand. Custom design and standard fabrics. History and properties of hemp fiber. Wholesale fabrics, 500 yards per order.

Hempzel Pretzels & The Lancaster Trading House
     Originators of the first pretzel made from hemp seed. Sesame Hempzels won 2nd place in Food Distribution Magazines 1999 blind taste test out of 30 pretzel submissions. Originator of the first soft Hempzel Stix & Twist. Broker, distributor, and wholesaler of assorted natural products & hemp foods. 1-800-USE-HEMP.

Kenderfonó és Zsineggyártó Kft. - First Hungarian Hemp Spinnery Company
     Hungary - More than 125 years of experience in hemp processing and cordage manufacturing. It is the largest hemp processing company in Central Europe and offers a wide range of hemp yarns, twines and ropes. Their products are sold throughout North America and Europe. North American Representative is Eco Hemp.

Kenex Ltd.
     Canada - Kenex Ltd. is a privately owned and operated Canadian company which was set up specifically for research, production, and processing of Industrial Hemp in South Western Ontario. Now out of business. Web site for information purposes.

Langman Rope Manufacturers - Hemp
     The Netherlands - Touwfabriek Langman, manufacturer of synthetic and natural ropes, was founded in 1893. Hemp is an annual plant and is growing particularly in Southern Europe, Asia Minor, and Northern Africa. Hemp, in former times used at sea, is now frequently used in sports accommodations and in theaters. Available: 3, 4, and 6 strand, 6 up to 40 mm. Characteristics: very good scour constancy, satisfying UV proof, natural fibre so environment-friendly.

Living Tree Paper Company
     USA - Manufacturer of printing and stationery papers like: Vanguard Recycled Plus™, Vanguard Eco Blend™, and Vanguard Hemp™.

Maine IntelliHemp Co.
     USA - Natural hemp products including lip balm, massage oil, and salve. A family-owned company in central Maine. We make our lip balm and salve with the utmost care. Both lip balm and salve are made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil (our first ingredient). We prepare our own infused oils with certified organic calendula and/or comfrey, pure Maine beeswax, jojoba oil (lip balm only) and 100% pure essential oils. We use only natural preservatives like vitamin E and citrus seed extract. Retail online ordering, and wholesale to retailers and distributors.

Nature's Path
     USA - Manufacturer of the very popular Hemp Plus Granola and Lifestream Natural Hemp Plus Waffles. Be sure to check out their Hemp Debate page.

The Natural Order
     Canada - Design and manufacture of knitted jersey fabrics from hemp. Also, t-shirts and socks. Agents for natural fiber cordage. Custom embroidery services. On-line ordering.

Natura Pet Products -- Innova and California Natural Pet Food for Dogs and Cats
     USA - Natura is the manufacturer and distributor of the "Healthiest Pet Foods in the World." The brands of Dogfood and Catfood include Innova, HealthWise, and California Natural. Innova products include Puppy, Adult Dog, and Senior Formulas for Dogs in dry and cans, HealthBars Biscuits and Adult and Lite Formulas for Cats. HealthWise products include a Puppy Formula, Adult Formula, Weight Control Formula, Active Formula, Kitten Formula, and a Cat Formula. All HealthWise foods utilize the unique ingredient of Hemp Oil for healthy skin and a shiny coat. California Natural products include "True" Lamb & Rice formulas in an Adult, Puppy, Reduced Calorie along with and a Chicken Meal & Rice dry formulas for Dogs, California Natural Can Dog Food, HealthBar Treats, and a Chicken & Rice dry formula for Cats. Natura also makes Everyone's Best Friend Skin & Coat Supplement.

     USA - Discover Nutiva's delicious certified organic hemp oil, gel caps, hemp and flax food bars, and shelled hempseeds in both retail and bulk sizes. Nutiva uses the finest organic ingredients, grown without pesticides and herbicides--safer for you and the planet. Donates 1% of sales to sustainable ag groups as part of their commitment to "nourishing people and planet".

Purity Hemp Products
     Canada - A range of hemp seed and oil products.

Shandong America Inc.
     USA - Shandong Hemp General Mills in America.

Ruth's Hemp Foods
     Canada - Manufacture an extensive line of hemp foods. Their organic hemp oil is pressed from organic hemp seed that is grown especially for them by family farms on the Canadian prairie.

Serf to Surf
     Canada, with Australia and USA to come - Serf to Surf is a manufacturer and distributor of Hemp based Body care products, including the one and only BEACHSEX. We will also be debuting our garment, footwear and accessories lines for him and her this spring/summer 2003.

Our administrative offices, and manufacturing is located in Vancouver Canada. We will be locating our Australasian administration and manufacturing in Adelaide, Australia in 2003 and our US office and distribution in San Diego by 2004.

Serf to Surf Products Inc. manufactures the very finest of Hemp based products for distributor, wholesale and retail markets. On-line shopping, free shipping (skin and Body care) and progressive development and design in all of our product categories is what sets us apart from the competition. We manufacture using only the very best natural ingredients.

Serf to Surf will always be involved in the battle against the large lobbies such as lumber, cotton etc. who are doing their best to hold on to their market share while they systematically destroy our environment and misinform the public.

Educate yourselves as to the qualities and uses of this wonderful plant and support and fight for Hemp production in the US.

Respect the playground and respect yourself ...naturally!.

Tone Tubby Guitar Speakers
     They have the 1st and only Hempcone guitar speaker on the planet. Created by A Brown Soun's John Harrison. The Hempcone gets more frequencies than you ever heard out of a paper cone and also increases wattage. Some of the top guitarists in the world are already using the Tone Tubby Hempcone Speaker. They do have superior tone.

Teco Finance Export
     France - Dedicated to Sheanut, Shea butter, Shea Olein ( Liquid Shea), Hemp Seed Oil, and Amazonian Nut Oil (Brazil nut oil). Professional bulk inquiries (25 kg / 55 gallons minimum ).

     An entirely private, Polish textile company present in the market since 1992. Rheir main shareholders are Stanislaw Zareba (chairman) and Elwira Zareba. Almost 13,000 square meters of manufacturing complex allows them to maintain an annual output amounting up to 2,500 tons of yarn.

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