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Trade Organizations

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance
     A newly formed non-profit national group of hemp processors, marketers, farmers, and information specialists. Watch this site as the year progresses. Be sure to sign up for their future monthly hemp foods and hemp products newsletter. Click here for the form.

The Ontario Hemp Alliance
     "The Ontario Hemp Alliance is a membership driven organization dedicated to the development of a viable, vertically integrated hemp industry in Ontario. The OHA mandate and membership reflects the broad interest in hemp from all sectors of the economy."

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers
     Industrial Hemp growers co-op located in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. Their page Industrial Hemp, The Model Crop is especially good at explaining the many uses of Industrial Hemp using a diagram with pictures.

Saskatchewan Hemp Association
     The SHA is a membership driven, provincially-registered nonprofit association, dedicated to the development of the industrial hemp sector in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

With a head office based in Regina Saskatchewan, they are a vertically-integrated association, representing growers, processors and marketers. The three levels of membership include: corporate, farmer and supporting.

Canadian Seed Growers' Association
     The C.S.G.A. is the sole seed pedigreeing agency for most agricultural crops in Canada. Hemp Seed Production is covered in Circular 6 Section 10 Registered and Certified Production of Industrial Hemp (PDF file 219KB) and Section 11 Probation and Foundation Plot Production of Industrial Hemp (PDF file 255KB).


The Hemp Industries Association (HIA)
     Few commercial interests ever make the kind of dramatic and ongoing progress achieved by Industrial Hemp over the past few years. In spite of difficult and unique obstacles, this industry has positioned itself to once again become a major global economic force.
     The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of Industrial Hemp and the instigation of a level playing field on which to compete with other natural resources and synthetics. The HIA seeks changes in government policies to encourage global production of Industrial Hemp as a raw material for industry.
     The HIA is dedicated to industry growth and in accelerating expansion in the commercial Industrial Hemp supply and the world market demand since 1992.

NAIHC - North American Industrial Hemp Council
     Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development and use of hemp, and hemp related products. Much information about hemp farming, scientific studies and reports on industrial uses. Thorough description of hemp fiber and its uses in textiles and nonwovens.

NAIHC POSITION PAPER - Separating the Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Issues
     Industrial Hemp is not a drug and is therefore not a drug issue-except to the extent that it is presently misclassified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration as a drug.
     Industrial Hemp is not marijuana. It should be regulated as an agricultural crop. This is another must read!

Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association
     The KHGCA serves to establish & promote market equity between Industrial Hemp suppliers, processors and manufacturers. Industrial Hemp history, news, links, etc.

Download the .pdf version of Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp in Kentucky
the original link is at:
Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association Hemp Study in html this is also a must read for anyone interested Industrial Hemp.

Rest of the World

European Industrial Hemp Association
     The "European Industrial Hemp Association" regards itself as an informal conjunction of hemp primary processing companies within the EU. EIHA was founded on 14th September 2000 in Wolfsburg. Almost all hemp primary processing companies have already joined the association.

Hemp Food Industries Association
     An independent Industrial Hemp food and materials development bureau, supporting consumers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of Industrial Hemp based food products.
...The spot for nutritional analysis of Industrial Hemp seeds, 9 bars, Industrial Hemp facts and a related picture gallery. Read a Industrial Hemp farmer's tale and even cook the stuff! Above all, enjoy.
     A very nice site from the UK.

International Hemp Association
     Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis through the dissemination of information. The IHA is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their official publication is the Journal of Industrial Hemp.

New Zealand Hemp Industries Association
     Membership based affiliate of the Hemp Industries Association. The Five Minute Guide to Industrial Hemp In New Zealand is an excellent overview. NZHIAI'S Monthly email Newsletter, March 2001 is online. Subscribe to the email version from the web site. There is also 2001 New Zealand Industrial Hemp Trials Information.

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